26 Adorably Unusual Ways To Propose To Someone

Because spending the rest of your life with your love should always begin with a QR code or a Golden Snitch.

1. With a baseball.

Cut along the center with an Xacto and remove the hard, stringy inner core to make room for a ring box.

ID: 793761

2. With Scrabble tiles.

Use a set you already have, or, if you want to preserve the memory forever, buy one here.

ID: 900403

3. With adrenaline.

They won’t know until they look at the (unreasonably expensive) photo at the end of the ride.

ID: 903245

4. With technology.

This QR code necklace, when scanned, reveals the message “Will you marry me?” Buy one here.

ID: 900396

5. At the bottom of a warm beverage.

You can easily make your own or buy one here.

ID: 1068428

6. “Harry Potter”-style.

ID: 900561

Available here.

ID: 900566

7. Dr. Who-style.

You can buy one here.

ID: 793813

8. Pokémon-style.

You can find plastic ones that open up on eBay.

ID: 900635

9. Legend of Zelda-style.

Heads-up, present and future lovers, this is the one for me.

ID: 903302

10. For the musically inclined.

Customized guitar pick available here.

ID: 900500

11. And for the literary.

Buy this here or make your own.

ID: 900559

12. Celebrate your shared love of food.

In German, no less! Plenty of restaurants seem amenable to this kind of thing, as long as you call ahead.

ID: 900643

13. (No matter how high- or low-brow).

This guy had the pint specially made for his proposal.

ID: 903312

OK, so, full disclosure: I personally feel that this is a fairly janky way to ask someone to spend the rest of their earthly days with you, but so many people responded to that post being all “WAIT WHAT I WOULD MARRY ANYONE WHO PROPOSED THAT WAY” that I would feel amiss in my duties if I didn’t suggest it here.

ID: 1054550

15. Brighten their lunchtime.

This is the cutest ever.

ID: 1055117

16. Ask outside in public.

You might be arrested for vandalism, but who could argue against vandalism this adorable?

ID: 900623

This proposal has been spotted by dozens of Instagrammers on the Palmetto Expressway in Miami over the past couple of days (hopefully Yane said yes).

ID: 1055234

18. And in nature.

You might want to spell out “you” all the way, though.

ID: 900630

19. Keep it seasonal.

ID: 900740

20. Use the perks of your job to your advantage.

He’s a pharmacist.

ID: 900712

This biologist proposed to his fellow-biologist girlfriend using DNA fragments.

ID: 903341

22. Use a tiny token to ask a big question.

Available here.

ID: 1055131

23. And remember: You can always ask for a little help.

ID: 1055122

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