54 Crazy Things You’ll Find At A Gigantic Flea Market

If you’re in the market for a life-size set of plaster hands, an airplane, or more Pez dispensers than your 9-year-old self would ever believe, look no further than Brimfield.

The Brimfield Antique & Collectible Show takes place over several weeks throughout the year in Brimfield, Mass.

There are shows in May, July, and September, and people travel from all over the country (some equipped with U-Hauls) to rummage through the festival’s 21 sprawling fields of vintage items.

ID: 1369361

“If you can’t find it here,” one vendor told us, “it doesn’t exist.”

He went on to say that once, a man tried to break a world record by covering the entire event on his bike, and that it still took eight hours to visit every single field. We couldn’t find confirmation but it’s entirely believable.

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We attended the last Saturday of the July fair.

And while some vendors had already packed up to go home and the rain drove away some visitors, there were still plenty of knick-knacks to dig through.

ID: 1368024

There was vintage furniture, like you’d expect.

ID: 1368019

And some amazing work by craftspeople.

ID: 1368020

But Brimfield is also a treasure trove of weird. You can find…

ID: 1369298

1. A life-size model of Bruce Lee and also a horse.

Bruce Lee: $750
Horse: $2,000
Everlasting (plaster) companionship: You do the math.

ID: 1367677

2. A missile.

V. good for clearing room when you want to haggle over a crate of Mason jars.

(we condone violence of no variety)
(even when it comes to bargaining)

ID: 1367675

3. Honesty.

ID: 1367672

4. Your new home.

It’s located in this historic town.

ID: 1367894

5. Important reminders.

ID: 1367918

Thanks for the advice, torso!!

ID: 1367679

7. Bits ‘n’ pieces.

ID: 1367657

Hello, ladies.

ID: 1367656
ID: 1367661

Anybody need a hand?!?!

ID: 1367667

11. Alternative currencies.

ID: 1367658

12. Romance.

Nothing says I love you like a steampunk baby-clock.

ID: 1367659

13. Unappetizing cookie jars.

ID: 1367660

14. Vaguely menacing craft outposts.

ID: 1367900

15. Totally adorable vintage outposts.

This camper belongs to sister duo RoseVintage. They spend their summers traveling around to vintage fairs selling their sweet flowy dresses and sunny textiles. According to Samantha Balk, the older of the two sisters, the business is named after their grandmother, Bonnie Rose, who “was awesome and smoked these long, skinny cigarettes.”

ID: 1367901

16. Marnie, the world’s best dog.

She is a delightful 10-year-old shih tzu who appreciates the power of a good barrette and her tongue doesn’t fully fit in her mouth.

ID: 1367670
ID: 1367678

Say no, Marnie!!

ID: 1367664

19. This hilarious one-of-a-kind-sign.

“Carol!” one woman yelled as she passed the sign. “Look! It came from the Adirondacks!”
“Yeah,” said Carol, without stopping. “Everyone in the Adirondacks is nuts.”

ID: 1367898

20. Oops j/k they were being sold in literally every field.

And for $125, of course. Don’t tell Carol.

ID: 1367669

21. A lonely unicycle.

ID: 1367896

22. A rocket.

ID: 1367671

23. An airplane.

Every form of transportation you could possibly desire.

ID: 1367674

24. A meet cute.

This is Wally. He is a perfect specimen of canine fluff.

ID: 1367666

Marnie approves.

ID: 1367668

26. Softcore.

ID: 1367662

27. Creepy doll ladies.

ID: 1367663

28. Even creepier doll babies.

Mommies love them!!

ID: 1367903

29. Like who even knows but damn, is it creepy.

ID: 1368022

30. Twitter.

It’s made from hammered tin.

ID: 1368049

31. Childhood memories.

Even though Pez tasted like medicine and chalk, it was still rad to collect as many dispensers as humanly possible.

ID: 1367676

32. Your own piece of London.

ID: 1367680

33. No-kill taxidermy.

Although those cold, dead eyes say otherwise.

ID: 1367897

34. Chairs that stare.

ID: 1367902

35. Warnings.

ID: 1367899

36. College pride.

Rendered, naturally, in sticks.

ID: 1367904

37. Cronuts* you don’t have to wait ~1,000,000 hours in line to buy.

*Like, basically.

ID: 1367905

38. New friends

Marnie encountered a pair of fellow shih tzus and a butt-sniffing parade was born.

ID: 1367906

39. Your very own Rosie O’Donnell.

ID: 1367919

40. Upcycled babies.

ID: 1367922


Meet Gabby, our DIY/enormousness intern.

ID: 1368013


ID: 1368016


Mac ‘n’ cheese is something that should always be giant, no exceptions.

ID: 1367930

44. More buoys than you’ve ever seen in your life.

ID: 1368015

45. Art.

ID: 1368017
ID: 1368012

This incredible folding panel, found at the booth of Brooklyn-based craftsman Totally Bruce, was decorated entirely with collectible pens and pencils.

ID: 1367895


ID: 1367907

49. Anatomy lessons.

ID: 1369321

50. A fussy clown.

ID: 1368018

51. A quasi-stoned clown.

Those fast-food celebrities, man. Don’t let him be a bad influence, Marnie.

ID: 1368010

52. Jewelry beyond your wildest dreams.

Rocking these until my earlobes shrivel off my head.

ID: 1368046

53. Humblebrags.

ID: 1368066

54. Something for everyone.

ID: 1368063

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