30 Brilliant Ways To Hack Your Booze

Because if you spend too much time finding/opening/chilling your alcohol, you won’t have as much time to drink it.

1. Keep your pitcher cold yet undiluted with a plastic cup of ice.

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2. Or the bottom half of a two-liter bottle.

Just cut the plastic bottle in half, fill with ice water and garnishes, and put in the liquor bottle.

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3. Or in salted ice.

This’ll get your beverage cold in a hurry.

ID: 1026867

4. Or with frozen grapes.

ID: 1027468

5. Or nature.

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8. Or a boat.

Who doesn’t have a spare boat filled with ice, is my question.

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9. Freeze your leftover* wine to use in sauces.


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10. Keep your beers neatly stacked in the fridge with a binder clip.

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11. Bring your drink anywhere with Sneaky Shorts.

AKA the most well-named product ever. Buy them here.

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12. Learn the sacred truth that you can open a beer with anything, like a plug.

ID: 1012076

13. And a door.

ID: 1027039

14. Another beer.

ID: 1025261

15. With a sword.

No, srsly. Anderson Cooper not included.

ID: 1027631

16. A stapler.

Here’s how.

ID: 1025279

17. A cell phone.

You have to buy this case first.

ID: 1025324

18. The handles of a can opener.

ID: 1026874

19. Why use a manual corkscrew when you can do it in a tenth of the time with a drill?

ID: 1026830

20. Know how much you’re drinking.

According to Solo, this isn’t actually true, but hey, ballpark awareness is better than none.

ID: 1027215

21. Make a delightful memento out of a champagne cork.

Perfect for the littlest dinner party!

ID: 1025265

22. Create your own R2-Booze2.

ID: 1027299

23. Use a rake to cheaply and easily store wine glasses.

ID: 1027563

24. If you don’t feel like DRINKING-drinking, make moonshine marshmallows.

Directions here.

ID: 1027258

25. Or vodka-soaked oranges.

Directions here.

ID: 1025318

26. A boozy sundae:

Directions here.

ID: 1027333

27. Drunken gummy bears:

Directions here.

ID: 1027445

28. One of many booze cakes:

Get the book here.

ID: 1027351

29. Or, for the more literally-minded:

ID: 1027317

30. And most importantly: Ensure you’ll never spill your beer again.

ID: 1027395

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