24 Things That Are Totally Ready For The Blizzard

Nemo is hitting the northeast and dogs, humans, and businesses alike are getting prepped. posted on

2. These people who have their priorities straight.

Got my blizzard necessities all ready j papers ✔ lots of weed ✔video games ✔

11. Maybe not this guy.

Don’t worry, buddy, it’ll all be okay!

12. This concerned citizen.

Who are YOU having blizzard sex with?

— Pharaoh(@KoriDeone) February 8, 2013

13. This knitter.

a possible weekend blizzard can mean only one thing: gentlemen, start your #knitting" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23knitting">#knitting engines.

14. The owner of this stash.

16. Whoever made it to this grocery store in time.

17. These people who are ready to Vine.


20. This restaurant.


21. This electrical outlet.

22. This jaunty snowman.

23. This potential cannibal.

Big snow storm projected this evening. I'm ready to eat people if I must!

24. Clint Eastwood.

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