27 Suitcases And Accessories That Ease The Pain Of Traveling

Because going to the airport is infinitely better if you have a carry-on you’re proud of. Also, learn how to repurpose your old luggage!


ID: 743189

1. Map Suitcase, $144.97

It’s extremely sturdy, which is great for bumpy flights. Get it here.

ID: 743010

2. Pantone Suitcases, ¥16,800

Available here (in Japanese).

ID: 742486

3. Owl Suitcase, $45.95

Available here.

ID: 742589

4. Polycarbonate Suitcase, $197.50

Pretty much indestructible (bonus: looks kind of like EVE from “WALL-E.”) Available here.

ID: 743219

5. Bespoke Curved Suitcase

They’re by artist Sarah Williams and they’re all custom-made, AKA they definitely cost a whole bunch.

ID: 743036

6. Mummy Suitcase, 90€

Available here.

ID: 742911

7. BoomCase, $760

I am in no way suggesting that you give Urban Outfitters a month’s rent in exchange for an obsolete piece of technology tucked inside a suitcase; I just thought you should know that it is a thing that exists in the world.

ID: 742646


ID: 743195

8. Canvas Backpack, $60

Buy it here.

ID: 742973

9. Sequin-Dipped Duffel, $137

Get it here.

ID: 745642

10. Floral Makeup Pouch, $25

Get it here.

ID: 745525

11. Galaxy Backpack, $19.99

Buy it here.

ID: 742977

12. Computer Bag, $169.95

Buy it here.

ID: 744750

13. Vintage Carry-All, $30

Available here.

ID: 742336

14. Studded Weekender, $475

Definitely pricey, but you could always use it in self-defense if somebody tries to mug you. Buy it here.

ID: 745383

15. Colorblocked Briefcase, $185

Get it here.

ID: 745514

16. Large Car Tote, $280

Again, pricey, but Orla Kiely stuff lasts forever.

ID: 741987

17. Canvas Child’s Suitcase/ Makeup Case, 39€

Available here.

ID: 741871


ID: 743201

18. Elephant Passport Cover, $8

Buy it here.

ID: 742719

19. Heated Travel Mug, $24.99

This handy device plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter (and you can always unplug it too).

ID: 745003

20. Suitcase Eyes

Available at select Muji stores, or you could make some yourself.

ID: 742917

21. Mini Travel Bar, $59.50

Get it here and you’ll never fear flying again.

ID: 744989

22. Personalized Luggage Tag, $8.50

Available here.

ID: 741926

23. Penguin Classic Luggage Tag, $9.95

Available here.

ID: 744866

24. Universal Travel Adapter, $22.95

Get it here and never blow out your hairdryer while on an exchange trip to the French Alps again.

ID: 744956

25. Cat Sleep Mask, $8

For cat naps. (Sorry.) Buy it here.

ID: 745553

26. Strangely Codependent Luggage Tag, $14

Buy it here.

ID: 742378

27. Ostrich Pillow

If this looks like the kind of product you’d love to have, fund its Kickstarter campaign and get napping.

ID: 745121

Once you replace an old suitcase, don’t throw it out! Here are some ways to re-use vintage luggage:

ID: 743204

28. DIY Repurposed Suitcase Table

Full tutorial here.

ID: 742455

29. Suitcase Lid Breakfast Tray

This idea will make any staycation way more adorable.

ID: 745126

30. Suitcase Gift Boxes, $11.50 - $14.50

These Paper Source faux-suitcases aren’t sturdy enough to transport your possessions across the country, but they’ll add an element of wanderlust to your holiday gifts.

ID: 741846

31. If all else fails, turn a suitcase into a cat bed.

They’d prefer if you stay at home.

ID: 741932

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