21 Completely Terrifying Fake Nails

Decals too. RIP nail art.

1. Vagina And Sperm Nails

Celebrate the miracle of life every time you type.

ID: 901602

2. Eyeball Nails

They’re watching you.

ID: 907716


ID: 901648

5. Apps Nail Decals

For those with extreme FOMO.

ID: 901680

6. Blood Clot Nails

They’re “Dexter-inspired.”

ID: 907176

7. Dracula Nail Decals

ID: 907748

8. “Wedding Day Massacre” Nails

Bloody nails for every special occasion.

ID: 907178

9. Boner Nails

ID: 907209

10. He Loves Me Not Nails


ID: 907216

11. 3D Fruit Nails


ID: 901624

12. Raccoon Nails

The furry tail charm is included.

ID: 907309

13. Sad Cat Nails

Don’t you want to just take every last one of these guys home and give them some Fancy Feast? Well, you can’t, because they are 2-dimensional.

ID: 907349

14. Bieber Nails

So you can pay homage to the original Canadian Idiot.

ID: 907439

15. Jesus Nail Decals

Wait, which part of the New Testament talks about the rules for Christ-inspired nail art?

ID: 907481

16. Custom Baby Nails

You won’t be able to touch your baby for fear that your talons will draw blood, but at least you can show it how much you truly care!

ID: 907444

17. Brand Nails

Your nails were not made by Tiffany, that is definitely a lie.

ID: 907599

They were also not made by Louis Vuitton, of that I can assure you.

ID: 907604

Or Juicy Couture.

ID: 907620

Or Playboy, God willing.

ID: 907626

21. But hey, they’re your nails, and if someone doesn’t get them:

ID: 901689

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