20 Weird And Wonderful Yarmulkes

Maybe you call it a yarmulke. Maybe you call it a kippah. Either way, it may as well be covered in pictures of Angry Birds or bagels.

1. Bagel Yarmulke

Buy it here.

2. Pug Yarmulke

Buy it here. Buy me one too.

3. Louis Vuitton-Patterned Yarmulke

By ashliss on Instagram.

4. “Angry Birds” Yarmulkes

This is terrifying. Buy it here.

5. “Lord of the Rings” Yarmulke

One does not simply walk into Rebecca Schultz’s One Direction–themed Bat Mitzvah. Buy it here.

6. Rainbow Knitted Yarmulkes

Find the pattern on Ravelry.

7. Watermelon Yarmulke

By EdwardBundyHands on Instagram.

8. Harry Potter Yarmulke

Was anybody in the Harry Potter universe Jewish? A wizard bar mitzvah would be SO ILL. Buy it here.

9. Pokéball Yarmulke

Buy it here.

10. Periodic Table Yarmulke

Buy it here.

11. Google Chrome Yarmulke

Buy it here.

12. Swarovski-Studded Yarmulke

According to Fashionista, when it was still available it cost $1,495.

13. Bottle-Cap Yarmulke

By mdb9689 on Instagram.

14. Superman Yarmulke

Buy it here.

15. Plaid Yarmulke

For hipsters. Buy it here.

16. Tie-Dyed Yarmulke

And for the hippies. Buy it here.

17. Happy Yarmulke

Alternate title: Weirdly Menacing Creepy Yarmulke. By Reconstructed_Soul on Instagram.

Look, this guy has one:

The pink barrette is a nice touch. By huev0srancher0s on Instagram.

19. Modern Crocheted Yarmulke

It’s not weird, but it’s pretty wonderful. Make it yourself by getting the pattern from The Purl Bee.

20. Floyd’s Yarmulke

Yes, “Bark Mitzvah.” We’ve come full circle as a society and everyone can go home now.

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