20 Weird And Wonderful Yarmulkes

Maybe you call it a yarmulke. Maybe you call it a kippah. Either way, it may as well be covered in pictures of Angry Birds or bagels.

1. Bagel Yarmulke

Buy it here.

ID: 729722

2. Pug Yarmulke

Buy it here. Buy me one too.

ID: 732051

3. Louis Vuitton-Patterned Yarmulke

By ashliss on Instagram.

ID: 731946

4. “Angry Birds” Yarmulkes

This is terrifying. Buy it here.

ID: 729675

5. “Lord of the Rings” Yarmulke

One does not simply walk into Rebecca Schultz’s One Direction–themed Bat Mitzvah. Buy it here.

ID: 729685

6. Rainbow Knitted Yarmulkes

Find the pattern on Ravelry.

ID: 729771

7. Watermelon Yarmulke

By EdwardBundyHands on Instagram.

ID: 731937

8. Harry Potter Yarmulke

Was anybody in the Harry Potter universe Jewish? A wizard bar mitzvah would be SO ILL. Buy it here.

ID: 732036

9. Pokéball Yarmulke

Buy it here.

ID: 729697

10. Periodic Table Yarmulke

Buy it here.

ID: 729651

11. Google Chrome Yarmulke

Buy it here.

ID: 729734

12. Swarovski-Studded Yarmulke

According to Fashionista, when it was still available it cost $1,495.

ID: 732156

13. Bottle-Cap Yarmulke

By mdb9689 on Instagram.

ID: 731963

14. Superman Yarmulke

Buy it here.

ID: 732045

15. Plaid Yarmulke

For hipsters. Buy it here.

ID: 732004

16. Tie-Dyed Yarmulke

And for the hippies. Buy it here.

ID: 732167

17. Happy Yarmulke

Alternate title: Weirdly Menacing Creepy Yarmulke. By Reconstructed_Soul on Instagram.

ID: 731956

18. Pringles Yarmulke

ID: 731900

Look, this guy has one:

The pink barrette is a nice touch. By huev0srancher0s on Instagram.

ID: 731980

19. Modern Crocheted Yarmulke

It’s not weird, but it’s pretty wonderful. Make it yourself by getting the pattern from The Purl Bee.

ID: 729792

20. Floyd’s Yarmulke

Yes, “Bark Mitzvah.” We’ve come full circle as a society and everyone can go home now.

ID: 731911

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