20 Home Furnishings That Are Borderline Magic

A shelf is just a shelf, UNTIL IT BECOMES STAIRS.

1. These shelves turned staircase.


Designed by Danny Kuo.

ID: 2430413

2. This expandable table.


It’s called the Fletcher Capstan Table and if I owned one I would just spin back and forth around it all damn day.

ID: 2445316

3. This mirror that doubles as an ironing board.

For all your grooming needs. By Aissa Logerot.

ID: 2447794

4. This never-ending candlestick.

It’s called the Rekindle and it’s by Benjamin Shine.

ID: 2430602

5. This dining table that unfolds into a pool table.

Or pool table that refolds into a dining table.

ID: 2447395

6. This shape-shifting door.

By Klemens Torggler.

ID: 2441276

7. This bench-turned-dining set.

By Julia Kononenko.

ID: 2441734

8. This couch-turned-bunk bed.

It’s been discontinued by the manufacturer, which notes that 95% of the people interested in this product ultimately wound up purchasing a bunk bed anyway. NOT THE POINT.

ID: 2441422

9. This inflatable grill.

Designed by Goci so that you can tuck it away when it’s not in use.

ID: 2446787

10. This pod of furniture.

It’s called the Obelisk and it makes for a very compact impromptu dinner party.

ID: 2441369

11. This foldable chair.

Video available at:

The Flux Chair puts Ikea to shame.

ID: 2445467

12. This retractable dining table.


By Nobuhiro Teshima.

ID: 2445306

13. This kitchen-in-a-cube.

Designed by Goci.

ID: 2447165

14. This living room / bedroom.

By Resource Furniture, which carries tons of space-saving (and pricey) setups like this one.

ID: 2447358

15. This stove chair?


Seems sort of like a massive fire waiting to happen but hey, dance what you feel. By Vestal Design.

ID: 2447873

16. This chair that begat ANOTHER CHAIR.

By Flavio Scalzo.

ID: 2447244

17. This table that becomes a loveseat.

Perfect for tiny-space living. By Ecosystems.

ID: 2446645

18. This transparent TV.

Michael Friebe / Via

By Michael Friebe. This kind of technology is just starting to come into mass production.

ID: 2446392

19. This ping-pong table slash door.

Follow designer Tobias Fränzel for information on its release.

ID: 2446555

20. And this couch slash punching bag.

Also by Tobias Fränzel, who can come design my life any time he wants.

ID: 2446528

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