19 Ways To Highlight Your Engagement Ring With An Accent Nail

In case the rock on your finger isn’t attention-grabbing enough.

1. You can paint a sparkly accent nail to match your diamond.

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5. Give your nail some jewelry of its own.

ID: 790881

A small plastic flower might make typing hard, but dance what you feel.

ID: 790873

8. Add a design.

Knuckle tat optional.

ID: 793630

She was heading off on a cruise, NBD.

ID: 793887

Save this one for Christmas (unless your fiancé happens to be fat and bearded and wears a lot of red).

ID: 793832

15. If your ring is a special color, you can get matchy.

ID: 793858

16. Stay subtle* and metallic.

*relatively speaking

ID: 790883

18. Or go full-on caviar.

Wow your friends and stop your haters in their tracks.

ID: 793932

19. Inscribe your beloved’s initials where everyone will see them.

Because it’s not true love until it says so on your nails.

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