15 Things You Can Make With Your College Rejection Letters

Harvard makes a very pleasant hat.

1. Princeton doesn’t want you? That’s cool, now you have a top hat.

Since it’s the “twenty-first century” and most colleges send “emails” instead of letters, just print them out and use them for these projects. Catharsis at its finest. Directions here.

ID: 933415

2. You don’t need Michigan’s love when you can make your own.


Directions here.

ID: 933505

3. Dream bigger than Cornell with these delightful paper clouds.

Directions here.

ID: 933438

4. Who cares that you didn’t get into Stanford with a new friend like this elephant?

FInd out how to make it here.

ID: 933442

5. Come on, is UCLA REALLY better than this chicken?

Directions here.

ID: 933443

6. This dog will be your loyal buddy even though you got turned down by both your parents’ alma maters.

Directions here.

ID: 933447

7. This seagull went to his fifth-choice school and he turned out just fine.

He runs a successful startup and owns a Yorkshire terrier. Directions here.

ID: 933465

8. Let your MIT troubles fly away.

The simple paper airplane is an engineering marvel all on its own.

ID: 933472

9. While you’re at it, send Wesleyan, NYU, and Pomona off into the great blue yonder too.


Here are 10 ways to make them.

ID: 933478

10. It’s okay that you and your friends got turned down by Yale; without all those letters, you’d never have enough paper to make this friendship hat.

Take these instructions and up your paper size by a bajillion.

ID: 933419

11. Make a basket (to hold all your acceptance letters!) out of the scraps of Deep Springs’ callousness.

Here is how.

ID: 933436

12. Duke would have been okay, but having an entire paper village is the best.

Directions here.

ID: 933439

13. Brown < boats.

Directions here.

ID: 933468

14. Bye UPenn! Hello, tiny little shirt and tie!

See, even JT approves. Directions here.

ID: 933481

15. And if all else fails:


ID: 933431

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