13 Airhead Moments We’re All Guilty Of

Let’s face it: nobody’s perfect. Here are a few situations where humans are known to get a little spacey and whenever you’re ready, embrace your own inner airhead with Airheads.

1. Eating All Of These…

..And Then Touching Your Eyes

2. Saying “You’re Welcome” When You Meant “Thank You”

3. Missing The Straw

hilariousgifs.com / Via http:/ / NBC

4. Confusing AM For PM

5. Not Seeing That Glass

6. Getting Ready For Work and Realizing it’s a Saturday

7. Calling Your Phone When You’ve Lost It Even Though You Know It’s On Silent

8. Being Sure Something’s Broken But Realizing It’s Just Not Plugged In

9. Driving With Your Coffee On The Roof

10. Not Looking Out For Poles

11. Putting On Two Very Different Socks

12. Using The Wrong Restroom

13. Looking For Our Glasses When They Are On Our Head

We all have our moments. Click here to share your #AirheadMoment for a chance to win $500 or a year’s supply of Airheads.

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