18 Secrets People In A Long-Term Relationship Won’t Tell You

Share a Netflix password, share a life.

1. Doing laundry for two is the absolute worst.

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2. We have fallen out over the last slice of pizza.

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3. We don’t spend all night snuggled up spooning.

Because *one* of us prefers to sleep like a starfish, while the other takes all the duvet.

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4. So much flatulence.

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5. We know each other’s toilet schedules.

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6. And have reminded each other to shower.

Adventure Time / Via outhouseofpain.tumblr.com
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7. This is how most of our conversations go.

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8. We definitely can’t remember our actual anniversary.

MTV / Via giphy.com
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9. Everything in our apartment has a nickname, and an elaborate origin story.

NBC/ Parks and Recreation

“Could you hand me a towel?” “Oh, only Big Blue is here.” “That’ll do.”

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10. Even we don’t know the backstory to some of our inside jokes.

Celeste and Jesse Forever / Via tiltherewasyou.tumblr.com
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11. Alone time is almost as important as couple time.

FOX/ New Girl / Via emlii.com
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12. We seldomly wear trousers at home. But not in a sexy way.

Furturama / FOX / Via reddit.com

More in an “I don’t need to impress you, let me eat my dinner off my lap with the fan on” way.

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13. There are far fewer PDAs.

Saved By The Bell / Via happy18thpresley.tumblr.com

Because, hey, we both know where this is going.

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14. And at this stage, there is zero pillow talk.

ID: 3403460

15. We still get panicky when friends and relatives suggest we should “settle down”.

Pixar / Via giphy.com

“I’m still young! I’m committed! See!”

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16. It’s hard to open up to each other sometimes.

Just because we’ve been together a long time doesn’t mean we still don’t feel vulnerable at times.

ID: 3403443

17. We get a little bit jealous about each other’s exception lists.

ID: 3403543

18. It has been a long time since we sent a text message like this.

ID: 3403586

(But we still think it).

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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