19 Wonderful Historical Facts, As Told By “Horrible Histories”

The makers of the show are about to make a film about Shakespeare, and not a moment too soon. Horrible Histories is amazing. Here are just some of the things it has taught us.

1. The Domesday Book involved some brutal tactics.

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2. Mary Tudor’s ‘Bloody Mary’ nickname was well deserved.

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3. King Charles II may have restored the monarchy, but he wasn’t English.

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4. But who cares? He brought back Christmas, after Cromwell had banned it.

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5. Georgian fire brigades were privately owned, and you’d better be insured.

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6. And their health supplements were unorthodox.

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7. The pilgrims on the Mayflower didn’t really wear those hats.

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8. And they didn’t really pack very well.

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9. Queen Victoria had to propose to Albert.

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10. And they brought the Christmas tree to the UK.

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11. Speaking of Victorians, they invented everything.

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12. Like, everything.

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13. Seriously, everything.

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14. Not done yet.

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15. Phew! Got there in the end.

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16. These inventions didn’t help the Victorian poor though.

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17. And thanks to poor planning, the Light Brigade were doomed from the start.

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18. Poor planning, and terrible management.

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19. Most importantly: all the Kings and Queens can be summarized in song.

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