What It’s Really Like Shopping At Topshop

I’m just popping in to have a look. Yeah right.

1. You’ve just been paid, and it’s time to go shopping.

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2. You’ve picked out the items you want, and you’re prepared. To Topshop!

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3. But upon entering the shop you are overwhelmed.

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4. The escalators in the Oxford Circus branch give you a panic attack.

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5. You comb through the racks, searching for inspiration.

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6. ‘Maybe this could work’, you think.

ID: 1641329

7. It can’t hurt to try it on, right?

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8. Boyfriends slump outside the changing rooms.

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9. In the cubicle, the item is not as flattering as you had hoped. ‘I bet it looks like that on everyone’, you think.

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10. A stylist tries to help.

ID: 1641376

11. It’s a lost cause.

ID: 1641419

12. And then you see the girl in the cubicle next to you styling it out effortlessly.

ID: 1641608

13. So instead you buy the same thing that you always do.

ID: 1641646

14. You scope a quick peek at Topshop Unique.

ID: 1641442

15. You try not to look at the price tag.

ID: 1641383

16. You mooch to the make-up. And mooch away again quickly.

What even are facial gems?

ID: 1641580

17. A quick look at the jewellery while waiting for the till can’t hurt.

ID: 1641669

18. Waiting for the till, you grab some sweets. And some nail polish. And some socks.

ID: 1641347

19. You pay, and consider it a lucky escape.

ID: 1641408

20. But you know it’s not over.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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