11 Videos Of Seamus Heaney Reading His Poems Aloud

The Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet died Friday.

1. ‘Digging’

From BBC NI’s “Seamus Heaney: A life in Pictures”
ID: 1576947

2. ‘Death of a Naturalist’

ID: 1576969

3. ‘St. Kevin and the Blackbird’

Faber and Faber
ID: 1576953

4. ‘The Underground’

Faber and Faber
ID: 1576968

5. ‘A Drink of Water’, ‘Oysters’, ‘Tate’s Avenue’, ‘The Baler’, ‘Postscript’

Griffin Poetry Prize

(From 3.13)

ID: 1576976

6. ‘When all the others were away at Mass’


From ‘Clearances’.

ID: 1577008

7. ‘Scaffolding’

Faber and Faber
ID: 1576978

8. ‘Beacons at Bealtaine’

ID: 1577013

9. ‘The Given Note’

ID: 1577023

10. ‘Lightening VIII’

ID: 1577024

11. ‘Mid-Term Break’

Poetry Ireland
ID: 1577016

Heaney’s reading of ‘Beowulf’ is currently available in two parts on YouTube.

ID: 1577020

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