16 Things Everyone Outside London Is Tired Of Hearing About

You live in the capital? How fascinating.

1. The price of your rent.


Yeah, rent sucks everywhere.

ID: 1947084

2. Discussions over which night bus to take.

Why are you talking about night buses when it’s 3pm?

ID: 1947482

3. Pop Ups.

Great, enjoy eating against the clock in a back garden.

ID: 1947263

4. Columbia Road Flower Market.


Because you can’t buy flowers outside the M25.

ID: 1947250

5. Planned works on the underground.

How annoying that you have an advanced public transport system that needs scheduled maintenance.

ID: 1947271

6. Boris Johnson.

Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images

You chose him!

ID: 1947314

7. Driving the DLR.

Pretending to drive a train, that isn’t a train? OK.

ID: 1947323

8. Hatred of tourists.

Come on, everyone’s been a tourist somewhere.

ID: 1947331

9. Small-batch gin.

See also: Craft beer.

ID: 1947366

10. Boiler Room sets.

Live-stream a club night, to your laptop. Instead of going out. Right.

ID: 1947397

11. The merits of a weekly pass vs an oyster card.

Honestly, make an Excel spreadsheet and sort it out.

ID: 1947436

12. That time you saw Harry Styles at the Alibi.

Don’t you mean, that time a friend of a friend saw Harry’s car?

ID: 1947480

13. Jokes about Clapham.

It’s posh, we get it.

ID: 1947519

14. How you feel about the city centre on weekends.

Capital city in lots of people shocker.

ID: 1947550

15. London ennui.

Please, continue telling me of your urbane distemper.

ID: 1947341

16. Arguments about north Vs south London.

ID: 1947536

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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