These Magical Photos Of London Will Give You Vertigo

“Urban Explorer” James Charlick climbed cranes and rooftops to photograph London at night.

Web designer James Charlick climbed up to precarious spots – some up to 570 feet high – in order to take these incredible photos of London at night. Most of the images were taken in the course of the same evening – from the top of a crane in the Square Mile. The climb was worth the risk – check out the results.


“I believe this selection was taken over four trips around London, usually from 9pm onwards, more often after 11pm.” Charlick told the Daily Mail. “Obviously this can vary depending on the time of year, since it’s easier to be sneaky after dark.”


“At 175m above ground you don’t hear much of the city noise so you become slightly detached from the frenetic energy below, you can just relax and enjoy,” Charlick explained.


“Skyscrapers and iconic buildings are wonderful things and I think it’s a shame that only the office workers within are able to enjoy the views they offer – especially since they frequently bustle around their work places without ever really appreciating those views.”


“With rooftops, and any kind of urban exploration, it’s as safe or dangerous as you make it,” Charlick added. “Stay within your own limitations and comfort levels and the risk is minimal.”


The Dome of St Paul’s Cathedral is lit up, with the arch of Wembley Stadium visible in the background.


London’s financial heartland is lit up, with the Gherkin visible centre right.

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