17 Reasons The Rock Is The Greatest Human Being That Ever Existed

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

1. He did this for his mum.

3. He dressed up as the Hulk.

5. This is how he goes on water slides.

9. He’s a dork.

10. His birthday is 2 May.

11. If he was a sea monster, he would be the Rock Ness monster.

12. He even looks great in 8-bit.

(This is The Rock’s walking animation from the Game Boy Color title WWF Betrayal.)

13. He layeth the smacketh down-eth.

15. He loves his dogs. This is Louie the Frenchie.

16. And this is Hank the Shi Tzu.

17. And because of this. Obviously.

Kate MacConnell / Agence QMI

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