20 Signs You’re An Aspirational Dog Owner

This is more than puppy love.

1. In an ideal world, this would be your back garden.

2. But due to various reasons (renting, work, money), you can’t own a dog.

3. So instead, you live through the dogs of others.

4. You’re upfront about your obsession.

5. This is you.

6. And this.

Nah man I'm not smiling at you, I'm smiling at your dog. You can keep trotting along...but leave the dog.

— fierceandfabu (@Lux LaCroix)

7. Yep.

Seriously need to get my glasses fixed. Was just smiling at a woman's purse for ages, thinking it was a dog.

— HelloyPorshasha (@Portia Pan)

8. You have a short list of names you will eventually call your dog.

Like Avon Barksdale!

9. And you know the personality traits of every major breed.


10. Dogs of Instagram is your lifeblood.

11. And of course, @YourLocalDog.

Bake sale for Local Dog's hip replacement surgery http://t.co/5hmK3imYys #woof

— YourLocalDog (@Local Dog)

12. You time your trips to the park for maximum dog viewing.

13. And you creepshot dogs you like.

Creepshot of this awesome dog.

— stevekovach (@Steve Kovach)

14. And sometimes, you pretend you have a dog when talking to other dog owners.

“My dog..well, my parents’ dog…”

15. You have your favourite dog adverts.

16. You bookmark articles for when you can finally own a mutt.

17. You have exhaustively researched a breed that might suit your circumstances.

18. You can wait though, because you always want to be a responsible dog owner.

Alberto Reyes/http://WENN.com

19. And the Battersea Dogs Home app keeps you going.


20. And until you can have your own, there’s always the internet.

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