20 Signs You’re An Aspirational Dog Owner

This is more than puppy love.

1. In an ideal world, this would be your back garden.

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2. But due to various reasons (renting, work, money), you can’t own a dog.

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3. So instead, you live through the dogs of others.

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4. You’re upfront about your obsession.

Barbara Titus


@JoannePistonFan Okay, I’m obsessed with your dog. When I saw your bio said Corgi owner, I obviously had to creep through your photos, haha.

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5. This is you.

Amanda Wilson


No sir, I was not smiling at you.. I was smiling at your cute dog in the back seat.

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6. And this.

Nah man I'm not smiling at you, I'm smiling at your dog. You can keep trotting along...but leave the dog.

— Lux LaCroix (@fierceandfabu)

Lux LaCroix


Nah man I’m not smiling at you, I’m smiling at your dog. You can keep trotting along…but leave the dog.

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7. Yep.

Seriously need to get my glasses fixed. Was just smiling at a woman's purse for ages, thinking it was a dog.

— Portia Pan (@HelloyPorshasha)

Portia Pan


Seriously need to get my glasses fixed. Was just smiling at a woman’s purse for ages, thinking it was a dog.

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8. You have a short list of names you will eventually call your dog.

Like Avon Barksdale!

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9. And you know the personality traits of every major breed.

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10. Dogs of Instagram is your lifeblood.

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11. And of course, @YourLocalDog.

Bake sale for Local Dog's hip replacement surgery http://t.co/5hmK3imYys #woof

— Local Dog (@YourLocalDog)

Local Dog


Bake sale for Local Dog’s hip replacement surgery http://t.co/5hmK3imYys #woof

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12. You time your trips to the park for maximum dog viewing.

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13. And you creepshot dogs you like.

Creepshot of this awesome dog.

— Steve Kovach (@stevekovach)

Steve Kovach


Creepshot of this awesome dog.

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14. And sometimes, you pretend you have a dog when talking to other dog owners.

“My dog..well, my parents’ dog…”

ID: 1602890

15. You have your favourite dog adverts.

ID: 1603177

16. You bookmark articles for when you can finally own a mutt.

ID: 1602882

17. You have exhaustively researched a breed that might suit your circumstances.

ID: 1603156

18. You can wait though, because you always want to be a responsible dog owner.

Alberto Reyes/WENN.com
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19. And the Battersea Dogs Home app keeps you going.

ID: 1603175

20. And until you can have your own, there’s always the internet.

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