15 Signs Your Supermarket Hates You

“Two for one on morons.” —Your Supermarket

1. As soon as you step in, it taunts you.

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2. It insults you as you walk the aisles.

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3. It pre-empts your purchases with snarky asides.

ID: 2544830

4. It charges per egg, daring you to challenge it.

ID: 2544663

5. It tells you that you don’t know what a donut is.

ID: 2544851

6. It passively suggests new activities for you.

ID: 2544706

7. It makes a mockery of your obsession with hygiene.

ID: 1847490

8. And even when you buy basics it mocks you.

ID: 2544831

9. It subtly challenges your mental arithmetic.

ID: 2544835

10. It suggests recipes you won’t try.

ID: 2544742

11. It trolls you in the bulletin board.

ID: 2544758

12. It collaborates with thieves.

ID: 1847605

13. It makes thinly veiled death threats.

ID: 2544770

14. It can barely conceal its loathing.

ID: 2544745

15. And it will never let you leave.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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