17 Signs You Live On The Internet

What’s your wifi password?

1. You’re happy when the weather is bad.

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2. You have forgotten what a bedtime is.

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3. This sounds terrible to you.

Overheard in Dublin


Dundrum S/C - Mother to teenage son: “You know the deal Sean, you don’t get today’s Wifi password until you walk the dog”

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4. You have well-researched obsessions that last for about an hour, fifteen times a day.

Ailbhe Malone


Fully obsessed with monomeals. http://t.co/w0RPV8CMB5

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5. You get your news from Twitter, your gifs from Tumblr and your pics from Imgur.

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6. Youtube pre-roll ads.

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7. You’ve known your online best friends for longer than most of your other friends.

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8. You feel like this is basically your parents.

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9. When your favourite blogger updates.

ID: 1969699

10. When someone asks if you’ve seen ‘this one funny cat photo’.

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11. But when someone tells you that a trailer for your favourite show has leaked.

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12. You have said ‘LOL’ out loud more than once.

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13. This sounds about right.

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14. You know that there is nothing worse than a spoon that is too big.

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15. This is a real concern.

ID: 1968732

16. You are not being dramatic when you announce this.

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17. If you could do this, you would. In fact, you have.

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