"Sherlock" Lego Is So Close To Being A Real Thing

And you can make it happen.

1. A Sherlock Lego set has just reached 10,000 supporters, and has entered ‘review’ stage.

ID: 1679023

2. The set recreates the consultation room from 221b Baker Street, and comes with Sherlock, Watson and Mrs Hudson.

ID: 1679022

3. It could also include Moriarty, Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Molly and Mycroft as part of an expansion pack.

ID: 1679020

4. The next stage is for the project to undergo a quarterly review by Lego (most likely in December this year).

ID: 1679019

5. If it passes the review, the set will go into production.

ID: 1679032

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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