Rejoice, Irn-Bru Ice Cream Is Finally Here

Irn Bru - on a stick.

1. There is now an official IRN-BRU ice-cream.

Irn Bru

It is described as having “a thick IRN-BRU shell, creamy IRN-BRU Ice Cream, and a phenomenal IRN-BRU ripple”.

2. Though there have been other IRN-BRU ice-creams, this is the first official one.

3. The ice-cream was unveiled via a slightly long-winded stunt.

Irn Bru

4. A large block of ice appeared in Glasgow’s George’s Square, containing the ice-cream. Fans, including this dog, tried to melt it.

Irn Bru

5. Eventually, once the ice-cream had been freed, 100 extra were dished out to the crowd.

Irn Bru

6. In conclusion, BRU.

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