18 Reasons The Parmo Is The Greatest Meal Ever Created

Parmo pride.

1. This is the majestic Parmo.

clomarsh.tumblr.com / Via Creative Commons

3. Breadcrumbed chicken? Check.

Flickr: pritch / Via Creative Commons

Or pork!

7. And it’s so big it’s served in a pizza box.

8. And it’s created in Teesside, Home of the Parmo.

Flickr: casamatita / Via Creative Commons

9. What? You think you’re better than the Parmo?


11. The Parmo is better than YOU.

12. It just dominates the salad.

13. This white plate wishes it could be the Parmo.

14. Pepperoni can’t handle this.

15. Instagram can’t handle this.


16. Parmo Rules Everything Around Me.



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