24 Reasons Myspace Was The Best Social Network Of The ’00s

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1. You logged on to Myspace through IE (or Firefox if you were good at the internet).

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2. Oooh, new friend requests!

ID: 1936949

3. And new picture comments!

ID: 1936879

4. Even if you did get them by trading PC for PC.

(That’s picture comment for picture comment obvs).

ID: 1936884

5. You checked to see if there was anything good in your bulletins.

ID: 1936799

6. Or you just sent one out yourself. But what to announce?

Maybe a personality quiz? Or a general update about your life? Oooh, maybe just a vague update, making you sound moody and interesting.

ID: 1936788

7. The agonizing wait for your bulletin to appear.

ID: 1936914

8. Maybe you just blogged your feelings out.

ID: 1936801

9. Your friends reacted, and showered you with kudos.

ID: 1936966

10. The panic of trying to organise your top 8.

ID: 1936972

11. You could scroll alphabetically to change it, but usernames changed so quickly.

ID: 1936805

12. You were adept at sorting out scenester drama.

ID: 1936880

13. But you still wanted to be friends with Audrey Kitching and the Waffles and Falafels girls.

ID: 1936892

14. You knew all about closed networks, and extended networks.

ID: 1936860

15. You picked up HTML pretty quickly.

ID: 1936815

16. Because you were nobody without a custom layout.

ID: 1936823

17. Or you could be ironic and go with a plain layout. LOL.

ID: 1936854

18. Who needs GIFs when you had Blingees?

ID: 1936831

19. You connected with an up and coming artist, so you could update your profile song.

ID: 1936963

20. Which to choose? “Lua” by Bright Eyes? “Such Great Heights” by the Postal Service?

ID: 1936983

21. This song will sum up your entire essence, are you sure you want to commit?

ID: 1936984

22. Not that it matters anyway, as the combination of music, text, and images made the page crash.

ID: 1936991

23. Leaving you with nothing but Bebo until the page reloaded.

ID: 1936992

24. ’00s Myspace, please come back.

ID: 1936993

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