25 Reasons Marks And Spencer Is Heaven On Earth

Best place ever.

1. Marks and Spencer isn’t just a supermarket. It’s a Marks and Spencer supermarket.


2. They make delicious items that you never thought you needed.

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3. But you definitely need.

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4. Definitely need.

Ailbhe Malone

5. Their biscuits are so yummy.


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6. Even their packaging is pretty.


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8. Their cafe is so good that it has an Instagram account dedicated to its latte art.

@marksandspencerlatteart on Instagram / Via Instagram: @marksandspencerslatteart

9. Their adverts celebrate women.

Marks and Spencers / Via buzzfeed.com

10. As well as handsome men.

David Gandy for Marks and Spencers

11. They’re great for underwear. The functional kind…

Working Title Films

12. And the not-so-functional.

Marks and Spencer

13. And they make the world’s best tights.

(So good that they’re currently out of stock online)

14. You can buy PERCY PIGS.

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15. You can even buy gelatine-free Percies.


@rou_ping3 on Instagram


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16. Did you know that you can get a Percy Pig-themed pedicure?

Stuart C. Wilson/Stringer / Via Getty

17. They’re working on gender-neutral toys.

19. And have gotten Joanna Lumley involved too.

Stuart Wilson/Stringer / Via Getty

22. And even though their sense of seasonal timing is skewed.

@blackdemon69 on Instagram / Via instagram.com

24. It’s still the best place in the world.

With impeccable customer service.

25. Love you, M&S.

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