17 Reasons Gin And Tonic In A Can Is The World’s Best Thing


1. Tinned gin and tonic is the light and the way.

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2. It brightens up a dreary work desk.

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3. It adds sunshine to a shady country lane.

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4. It’s happy to hang out at the beach.

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5. It’s not afraid to experiment with flavour.

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6. See how it mingles with cucumber.

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7. It complements any meal.

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8. It doesn’t mind hanging with beer.

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9. But let’s be real, it’s the star of the show.

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10. It’s happy with company.

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11. Accessorize with a straw? Sure thing.

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12. It’s thrifty.

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13. It wears pink well.

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14. Very well.

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15. It’s geometrical.

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16. You can pour it in a glass if you like.

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17. But the best way to enjoy a gin in a tin is in the wild, where it belongs.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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