17 Delicious Dishes Every Londoner Should Try

Can you make it through this post without drooling?

1. Brunch at Mr Buckley’s.


Loads of options for veggies, and a Bloody Mary served with a spicy bacon kick.

Price: From £6.50

Make a booking here.

ID: 1910984

2. Dead Hippie at MeatLiquor.

Oh we know there are newer places, but this remains the best.

Price: £8.50

No bookings, but the queue moves quickly.

ID: 1911269

3. Duck and Waffle at Duck and Waffle.


Duck egg and confit duck leg served on top of a waffle, with mustard maple syrup. So luscious that it can split between two.

Price: £17

Make a reservation here.

ID: 1910500

4. Pulled Pork and Bone Marrow Mash from Pitt Cue Co.

A meat-eater’s paradise.

Price: £11.75.

They don’t take bookings, so be prepared to queue here.

ID: 1910627

5. A crodough from Rinkoff’s Bakery.


Keep your cronut, New York.

Price: £2.50

You can buy them here.

ID: 1911648

6. Udon at Koya.

Bone Daddies can jog on. Koya is the king.

Price Plain Udon from £6.90.

They don’t take reservations, but there’s a quick turnover.

ID: 1910881

7. Fish and Chips from Poppies.


With branches in Camden and Spitafields, “Poppies” is an old-school, pickled-eggs-in-a-jar chip shop. I like the Haddock best.

Price: From £11.90 eating in, £8.50 take-away for a fish supper.

Make a booking here.

ID: 1910587

8. Seabass at Mien Tay.

You could order anything from here, or from any of the other Vietnamese places on this stretch, but this is my particular favourite.

Price: From £10.50.

Make a reservation here.

ID: 1911103

9. Xiao Long Bao at Leong’s Legend.


Soupy little parcels of joy.

Price: From £6.

Make a booking here.

ID: 1910959

10. Mushroom Ravioli at Obika.

A veggie main that is just stellar. And the rest of the menu is pretty great too.

Price: £13.50

Make a reservation here.

ID: 1911210

11. A Reuben special from Monty’s Deli.



Price: Approx £10.

No bookings. And they sell out early.

ID: 1911150

12. Meatfruit at Dinner by Heston.

You don’t even need to ask for bread, because you can eat this with a fork.

Price: £16.

Make a reservation here.

ID: 1911233

13. Curly Whirly cake from Konditor and Cook.


One slice is so perfect. Two is even more perfect.

Price: £24 for a whole cake.

Order online here or collect in store.

ID: 1911337

14. A roti from the former Blue Van.

Seriously good.

Price: From £3.50.

You can find her on under the Overground Station, Brixton.

ID: 1911376

15. Custard doughnut from St John.


Soooooooo gooooooooooooood. But be quick, they sell out.The jam ones are good too though.

Price: Approx £3.

Visit here for the baking schedule.

ID: 1910530

16. Aubergine Schnitzel at the Gate.



Price: It is currently being served as part of their Christmas menu, which is £25 for three courses.

Make a booking here.

ID: 1911700

17. A scotch egg from The Ship.

There’s a reason they host a yearly Scotch Egg Challenge.

Price: £4.25

Make a booking here.

ID: 1911579

What is your favourite London dish? Let us know in the comments.

ID: 1911705

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