17 Brits Who Won 2013

Hats off.

1. Rex Redstone from Peterborough, who at 85 became one of the oldest Instragram users yet.

2. This woman in Nottinghamshire who had a horse as a bridesmaid.


3. The Highgate wallaby, who hopped all over North London.


4. This granny who took out her rage on British gas through Grand Theft Auto.

5. This guy, who put real-life Instagram filters over London.

6. This Lieutenant Commander who travelled home to surprise his daughter at her concert.

Megan Adams was performing in front of the Queen, but thought that her dad wouldn’t be able to see it, as he was stationed abroad. He made it.

7. The Tory businessman who turned down the Daily Mail.

I was emailed today to ask if I would like to advertise my business with the Daily Mail. This was my reply:

— nigelfletcher (@Nigel Fletcher)

8. The booker who invited Cookie Monster onto Newsnight.

9. Everyone who attended the funeral of Harold Percival.

Hundreds turn up for funeral of war veteran Harold Percival who died without close friends and family.

— skynewsnorth (@Mike McCarthy)

10. The person who wrote this sign.

11. This postman.

12. This father who was overjoyed with his son’s GCSE results.

Read about the background here.

13. These teenagers who brought class to McDonald’s.

14. Staff at Nando’s Chelmsford, for serving Beyonce.

15. Kirsty Wark.




16. Craig David, for having the best Instagram ever.

17. And British astronaut Tim Peake, for sending a young astronaut an encouraging response in the form of photos and patches.

Read more about Peake here.

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