A Pinterest User Has Been Attributing Hitler Quotes To Taylor Swift

And nobody seems to have noticed. Updated.

1. Pinterest user Emily Pattinson started a project attributing Hitler quotes to Taylor Swift.

ID: 1576803

2. The project also includes quotes from Stalin and Bin Laden.

Señorita Ratchet


If you’re interested in my Hitler Quotes Attributed To Taylor Swift I have some more available in Bin Laden & Stalin

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ID: 1576810

3. So far, the most popular pin has 277 repins.

Señorita Ratchet


my Hitler Quotes Attributed To Taylor Swift are doing well. this one has 277 repins

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ID: 1576800

4. Reddit users responded by attributing Taylor Swift quotes to Hitler.

ID: 1581828

5. The user briefly took the board down, but has since put it back up, with a disclaimer.

ID: 1581824

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