24 Reasons You Should Be Watching “The Great British Bake Off”

As if you weren’t already.

1. It’s not afraid to state the obvious.

2. It’s no-nonsense.


3. It loves a blowtorch.

buzzfeed.com / Via BBC

4. It teaches you how many pleats there are in a puff.


5. And why the old methods are the best.


No Glenn, not the inside-out method!

6. It challenges gravity every week.


7. Sometimes with failed results.

BBC / Via BuzzFeed

8. And no creation goes to waste.


9. Because it has quite a gentle level of controversy.



Via this Tumblr. Though we will never forget Custard-gate.

10. Mel and Sue are a dream team.

11. Sue is queen of innuendo.

13. Mel is more straightforward.





15. From her decisive finger prods.

buzzfeed.com / Via BBC

16. To her baking tips.

17. And of course, Paul Hollywood.


18. Because of Ruby’s flexible face.


19. And Christine’s fearful freeze frames.

20. And Deborah’s sorrowful looks.


21. Its contestants just really love baking.

23. But mainly, because of the cakes.

buzzfeed.com / Via BBC
BBC / Via BuzzFeed

24. And because look how far it has come since Season 1.

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