20 Reasons Saturday Morning TV Was The Greatest

Claim the sofa, and start the weekend right.

1. You’d wake up, and grab a snack!

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2. While your parents were still in bed, you’d get the good stuff.

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3. Maybe you pushed the boat out, and went for a cereal that was also a milkshake.

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4. Which would you choose? Totally Cool Cartoons?

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5. Or Live & Kicking?

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6. Or SM:tv Live?

ID: 999174

7. The highlight of which was always…

ID: 999181

8. You wondered how Yakko, Wakko and Dot always managed to get back to the water tower.

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9. You knew the original Dark Knight would never be bettered.

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10. You were confident Captain Planet would always be there to save the environment.

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11. You wished your best friend would climb a ladder to your window.

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12. You knew that some dogs were born to greatness.

ID: 996605

13. Just like some earthworms were destined to always be crushed by a cow.

ID: 996609

14. The Corrs, the beautiful Corrs.

ID: 999290

15. You longed to interview stars with Sage and Onion on Live & Kicking.

ID: 996621

16. You never knew there was so much crime beneath the sea.

ID: 996639

17. Phew! They foiled Cyril Sneer again.

ID: 996630

18. Don’t let the Finster catch you!

ID: 996634

19. Acme Looniversity is where you wanted to go to college.

ID: 996649

20. But you always remembered to ask an adult’s permission before dialing 0181 811818.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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