20 Red Pandas Who Are Delighted To See You After So Long

It’s OK, they know you’ve been busy.

1. “Hi! It’s wonderful to see you!”

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2. “It’s so nice of you to visit.”

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3. “And you brought cake!”

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4. “How was your trip?”

ID: 987356

5. “You have photos? Show me!”

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6. “And your parents, how are they?”

ID: 987384

7. “You must tell your dad I say hi.”

ID: 987360

8. “Hang on, I’ve got something for your sister here.”

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9. “How’s the job? You were always so smart.”

ID: 987358

10. “A promotion? You deserve it!”

ID: 987388

11. “No, no, you do. You’re a good worker.”

ID: 987375

12. “You look great. Have you been going to the gym?”

ID: 987378

13. “I agree, healthy eating is best.”

ID: 987389

14. “Not that you need to — you always look great to me.”

ID: 987397

15. “Things are lovely over here.”

ID: 987391

16. “Just hanging out, really.”

ID: 987402

17. “What’s that?”

ID: 987400

18. “Oh! You’re too funny.”

ID: 987410

19. “I’m so glad we were able to catch up.”

ID: 987367

20. “Let’s not leave it so long next time.”

ID: 987414

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