19 Reasons Having A Sister Seems Awesome

Girls rule, boys drool.

1. I don’t have a sister. But I’d sure like one. They seem so helpful.

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2. And so sophisticated.

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3. Sisters are so much more graceful than brothers.

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4. We could combine our interests.

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5. And of course we’d support each other.

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6. We’d trust each other.

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7. That’s the sister code, right?

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8. We would obviously gossip together too.

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9. Sisters seem to be so in touch with their emotions.

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10. We would speak without words.

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11. Our eyes would say it all.

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12. We could share clothes.

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13. And just hang out together at home.

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14. And our hallowe’en costumes would be perfect.

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15. Our photographs would be a composite of perfection.

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16. We would have the best in-jokes.

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17. In fact, our dual charisma would probably make us stars.

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18. Our sisterly glow would set Hollywood alight.

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19. But despite our astonishing level of poise and fame, we’d never forget where our loyalties lay.

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Ailbhe Malone is the UK lifestyle editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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