18 People Who Are Hoping That 2014 Will Be Better

Maybe next year will be different.

1. Colin the Intern, who unwittingly became a meme.

2. This landlord who had a hard time renting the room.

3. This sub-editor.

Twitter: @mintowtczyz / Via The Sun

5. This labour politician who claimed to have sex with an alien.

7. This woman’s fellow passengers.

8. Vegans who eat quinoa.

9. The owner of this chimney.

10. This unfortunate person.

11. This back-garden chef.

12. The owners of Telford ski slope.

13. Shoppers in Hampstead.

14. The owner of this Blur t-shirt.

15. The Bradford Batman.

16. Bernie Ecclestone, who hopes to figure out how revolving doors work in 2014.


17. This student who stapled his testicles after losing at FIFA.

18. This BBC newsreader, who thought a stack of paper was an ipad, live on air.

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