15 Mouthwatering Cocktails Every Londoner Must Try

Put down that gin and tonic.

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1. The Sherbert One at Drink Shop Do, N1.

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Rum, and sherbert of your choosing, served with a jelly sweet. It’s like a child’s drink, but for grown ups. YUM. Plus, you’re in King’s Cross so it’s super handy (especially if meeting out-of-towner friends).

Price: £7.50

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2. Hix Fix at Mark’s Bar, W1.

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Cherries, apple liqueur and champagne, served in a gorgeous champagne saucer. Dangerously drinkable.

Price: £13.50

Mark’s bar has a no reservations policy, but if you time things well you won’t have trouble getting a table. Find out more here.

3. A Negroni at Frank’s, SE15.

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Only open during the summertime, Franks’ Campari Bar is a Peckham institution. It gets packed in the evening, but the views make up for it.

Price: £5

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4. A Gimlet at 214 Bermondsey SE1.

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An incredibly well-stocked gin bar (and they make their own tonic water) underneath Antico restaurant on Bermondsey street. You could order other drinks, but when gin is their thing, why water it down?

Price: Around £8.

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5. The Black Pearl at Claridge’s Bar, W1.

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You can’t beat Claridges for old-school swankiness. The bar is comfortable, you get free snacks, and the drinks are impeccable. The Black Pearl (it’s the middle left) has vodka, blueberries, Chambord and more.

Price: £16.

Claridge’s Bar operates a no-bookings policy, but as long as you time it well, you’ll get a seat. Find out more here.

6. A Penicillin at Milk and Honey, W1.

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The London outpost of this New York institution doesn’t disappoint, and the Penicillin is alarmingly smooth - mixing whiskey, honey and lemon. It’s basically a medicine, right?

Price: £9

You can make a reservation here.

7. A Journalist at Happiness Forgets, N1.


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I might be biased towards the name, but the cocktail is strong and peppy, with gin, vermouth, cointreau. Made to be sipped.

Price: Approx £8.

You can book a table here, but you’re best off to sit up by the bar.

8. A Hibiscus Fizz at the Shop, NW10.


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A plesant surprise in Kensal Rise, The Shop is a bit shticky, serving drinks in old milk bottles. But the drinks are good, and the Hibiscus Fizz comes in nicely under budget, mixing elderflower, prosecco and a hibiscus flower.

Price: £4.

Find out more here.

9. An Old Fashioned at Evans and Peel Detective Agency, SW5.

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A detective-themed speakeasy, Evans and Peel is not especially straightforward, but it’s great fun. The old fashioned is good and strong, and beer drinkers will be charmed by the keg within a radiator. Seriously.

Price: Approx £9..

Make a reservation here.

10. A Chilli Apple Martini at Ruby’s, N16.

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Pleasingly spicy, and apple-y with a hint of vanilla, this is so much more than just a martini. The stairs to get into the bar are incredibly steep though, so it’s not great if you have limited mobility.

Price: £8

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11. A Clear Bloody Mary at Bob Bob Ricard, W1.

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Bob Bob Ricard is wonderfully decadent, styled like the inside of the Orient Express. There’s a golden bar underneath the restaurant (which is now closed until March 2014), and a smaller bar on the first floor. Containing vodka, tomato essence and mineral water, the ‘Natalia Vodianova’ turns a lovely pretty pink colour too.

Price: £13.50.

Find out more here.

12. A Pickleback at the Sebright Arms, E2.


To call this a cocktail might be pushing it a bit, but there’s an undeniable lure to a shot of whiskey (rye in the Sebright) followed by a shot of pickle juice.

Price: Approx £6.

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13. Storm In A Thai Cup at Callooh Callay, EC2.

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A curry cocktail, with tequila, lime and chilli? Surprisingly addictive.

Price: £9.

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14. A Mr Hyde at Purl, W1.

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Dry ice, cola syrup, chocolate bitters and more make this one magical (and potent) option.

Price: £12.

Purl only take bookings. Find out more here.

15. A Bay Cosmo at White Lyan, N1.

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A bay leaf and grapefruit make this Cosmo far more interesting. If you’re brave, try their Bone Dry Martini (with chicken bones) or their Moby Dick Sazerac, containing ambergris.

Price: £6

Find out more here.

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