The Sassy Dance Moves Of Lorde

watching that girl work a stage is mezmorizing- because how could body jerking ever be graceful???? Well she just proved it …

and pay attention to exceptional coolness

2. her purring with a perfect smirk

i mean besides like 5 other beauties this wouldn’t come out this good- and she takes the gollum criticism in stride

3. herbal essence secretly sponsors her curly locks

look at that hairrrrrrrrrrrrr

4. She rocks spirit fingers flawlessy

watches bring it on for all her dances movies (1st movie only..obviously)

5. Her oooooo’s while lock you in

clearly influenced by the Queen B

6. Hand spasms never looked cool…until now

do not attempt this in real life you will just look stupid

7. A a thoughtful rawrrrr

I mean her hands are just so lovelyyyy

8. SERIOUSLY! her hands alone are cooler than you

9. okkay okay last one last one

just shutting everything down

10. maybe just one more…

11. never thought krumping to be sultry

Ohhhh we were so wrong

12. Swerve………..

yah she can swerve- what can you do twerk? dated.

13. She is clearly created through cosmic dust…

HER HANDS are back

14. Told you she is born from cosmic dust…

“thank you for being here today”

16. her awesome head lifts

its like its own ballerina

17. even when she defies gravity her hands still gracefully bob

18. PSSHHH and this is why she is FLAWLESS

for more write ups on her moves check this out and these skills

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