23 Twitters Kings, Queens And Inbetweens

Twitter has allowed such great one liners, gifs, and photos that fill your feed with do’s and dont’s. Some are wiser then others. Let SOME of these guide you on your new journey!

1. 1. Harry Potter Faculty

We all dream of the day that our Hogwarts letter will arrive. While we wait we can receive awesome consoling from our iconic teachers. Specifically Professor Snape.

2. 2. Milk’s Favorite Cookie

Everything they say is just…wowwwww

3. 3. Bad Girls do it well

Sweetballs she is just awesome

4. 4. Girl Code + Guy Code

MTV has a pretty rad twitter but Girl Code and Guy Code reign supreme.

5. 5. Queen Bee of Comedy

So this one’s obvious but come on its ELLEN!!!

6. 6. Dylan O’ Brien

Do you really even need an explanation? click here for some if you aren’t sure

7. 7. David Lynch is all about the formalities.

8. 8. I crown thee Solange Knowles Queen of the Twitter Universe

She may be King Beys sis, but this lady’s cool points sky rocket always.

Also she has some pretty cool moves

9. 9. Bow Down B******

just in case she drops another secret album
….She also owns it on instagram - in case you have been living under a rock

10. 10. Reminding people of NYC and others TNO

11. 11. ALL hail Hugh

because it says this- and these reasons too

12. 12. Taste the Rainbow

Like the Oreo twitter, the Skittles kinda kill it- Plus King Bey loves them….

13. 13. Reading with Yeezus

we are so excited for his new tweets
because, they have to live up to these

So are your tweets because, well fur pillows are actually hard to sleep on

15. 14. The unexpected love affair with Josh Groban

those lustful cyber relationships really sneak up on you…..

16. 15. The winner is….Caity Weaver

the real queen of TNO

17. 16. InBetweeners

they retweet things that say Narnia, Hogwarts, Middle Earth and the geektastic fangirls all squeal!

18. 17. We want to be Royal

she dresses reptiles up for x-mas- nuff said

19. 18. Toothless

Night Fury’s just know what to tweet

20. 19. Rupert Murdoch

As this artist said “He is the gift that keeps on giving”

Thanks Rupert for sucking and thanks for your tweets.

21. 20. The Benz and Jerryz

they love to tell us when a new awesome flavor is born!
….and cats loveeee them

Also don’t follow raymond- just the ben and jerrys

22. 21. Someone who understands your inner nerd/geek/dork or whatever team you are on

Thank you Museum Nerd!

oh and he <3’s Kanye

23. 22. She is just perfect- I crown thee Joyce Carol Oates Guru to all

tweet tweet

24. 23. If you don’t know who Lil B is then never admit that and follow him asap!

people love him so much they buy this shirt

And they love him at schools

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