My Great-Great Grandmother’s Autograph Book From 1886

This is my great-great grandmother’s autograph book. Her name was Grace. Here are some of the entries in her book, including a stamp from the man she would go on to marry. posted on

“Remember me when this you see” G. B. Stevens (?)

“With compliments of James Shea, Wilmington, NY”

R. L. McKenzie

William Henry Harrison Kirby, North Elba, Essex County, New York

Mrs. Addie M. Collins

“Remember me when this you see, When this you look upon wrote by a hand long, may it stand when I am dead and gone” Miss Olive Ormsby, North Elba NY

I have no idea what Dan Fretter is trying to say here, but I like his style.
Edit: it’s “Sweet heart for ever”! Dan Fretter is definitely my favorite person, I think he has character. And Napoleon Dynamite-like drawing skills.

Edith(?) M. Ormsby, North Elba, Essex County, NY

Points to whoever can make any of this out.

“Ever your friend and well wishes” George(?) Alford, North Elba, Essex County, NY.
I want this person’s handwriting so very much.

Mr. Harry/Harvy(?) G. Alford, and Charlie Hartshorn, who she married.

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