9 Film And TV Teachers Who Deserved Due Process

Due process gives teachers the support they need to advocate for their students and take risks in the classroom. It protects teachers against nepotism, discrimination and cronyism. Here are nine of our favorite film and TV teachers who deserved due process.

1. Professor Keating of “Dead Poets Society”

He taught those Welton boys how to suck the marrow out of life and think for themselves. And then he was fired.

2. Ms. Norbury of “Mean Girls”

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She was the fearless coach of the Mathletes, but then the Burn Book falsely accused her of dealing drugs.

3. Coach Boone of “Remember the Titans”

A racist school board member said that if the coach lost one game, the board would fire him.

4. Miss Honey of “Matilda”

She advocated for Matilda to be moved up to a higher grade, and she had to hide all of her enriching classrooms materials from Miss Trunchbull.

5. Mr. Schuester of “Glee”

Coach Sylvester told him, “I will not stop until you’re fired and your little Glee Club is annihilated into oblivion.”

6. Mr. Hightower of “The Steve Harvey Show”

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He took risks like inviting Snoop Doggy Dogg and Sean “Puffy” Combs to class to talk about East and West Coast rap.

7. Miss Bliss of “Saved by the Bell”

Zack Morris lost her life savings playing the stock market, but still, she tried to convince Mr. Belding to approve more school supplies for her students.

8. Professor Lupin of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”

No one should get the sack for being a werewolf.

9. Miss Dobie and Miss Wright of “The Children’s Hour”

And no one should get the sack for being gay (or being accused of being gay).

Campbell Brown and others want to strip teachers of due process, which is simply the right to a fair hearing. We don’t need to stand on our desks to know that we must look at things another way. All teachers deserve due process.

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