12 Reasons Stay-At-Home Dads Totally Have It Made

When the wife brings home the bacon, there are plenty of perks. And no one knows them quite like the guys on A&E’s Modern Dads, which premieres on Wednesday, August 21st at 10:30/9:30c.


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2. Plenty of time to patent your one-of-a-kind “DADGETS”

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3. When the baby naps, YOU nap!

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4. Only requires 1 daily conference call: “No, honey… everything’s great! Take your time coming home.”

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5. Full use of the corporate jet.

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6. Kids make perfect props for video game references (that they don’t quite understand yet).

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7. Gives whole new meaning to the term “baby weight.”

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8. You can help your kid become the next Justin Bieber… or do everything humanly possible to avoid it. Your call!

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9. Your boss is still irrational, needy, loud, & cranky… but she can now be silenced with a shiny toy!

nateOne / Via Flickr: nateone
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10. Can you say chick magnet???

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11. Your kids have no reason to doubt that you actually DO fight crime while they’re asleep.

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12. Bottom line—you don’t miss out on stuff like this!

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