A Tale Of Two Kitties Told In 13 Photos

Meet Peanut and Penny, my two and a half year old feline children. They requested to be featured on BuzzFeed, so, as per usual, here we are. With their zodiac sign in Leo, they are always down for an impromptu photo shoot.

1. This was their attempt at reenacting “American Gothic.”

2. Peanut really owned this tie, if I must say.

3. Penny prefers her bucket. It’s safe.

4. Glasses, didn’t uh, really work out for Peanut.

5. Sometimes life is stressful, even for cats.

6. I was obstructing his view of the television.

7. He can think better in this position.

8. Penny sleeps just like a little angel baby infant.

9. Some nights, he claims the bed first.

10. Let’s face it, this bed is really his bed.

11. Is she not the most elegant creature?

12. Here I am, interrupting his solitude again.

13. This is their 1800s portrait pose.

If you want to continue to follow the photographic journey of Peanut and Penny, check them out on my Instagram.

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