#WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY Blows Up On Twitter After Magazine’s Trayvon Martin-Inspired Covers

Ebony magazine got a dig in at the Tea Party and Twitter did the rest.

1. Ebony magazine unveiled its new September covers, featuring celebrities wearing hoodies, in an attempt to continue the conversation on gun violence, the “Stand Your Ground” laws, and saving young black men from violence.

2. The covers received some criticism on Twitter.

4. Ebony got in a shot at the Tea Party.

5. And that was all it took for #WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY to become a thing.

#WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY is like me boycotting tanning salons.

— AQualityMess (@Locsi Diaz)

#WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY is now entering its 68th year!

— iboudreau (@Ian)

#WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY is like kim kardashian condemning promiscuity.

— MariaLiaCalvo (@Maria Lia Calvo)

#WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY is like atheists boycotting

— MonroeTheWanted (@)

Hey Tea-party, in our Family, we take orders from our conscience & higher power, NOT you #WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY

— KrisPierre (@kristina)

What's funnier: #WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY or #LatinosBoycottingTheTeaParty? #Latism

— TonyHTonyH (@Tony Hernandez)

#WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY Is like people from Mexico saying Taco Bell reminds them of home.

— adept2u (@adept2u)

#WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY is like Fox being fair and balanced.

— theonlyadult (@BWD)

In response to #WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY I am boycotting!!!

— BlackCanseco (@Black Canseco)

#WhitePeopleBoycottingEBONY .. THATS IT I'm never buying another Taylor Swift Record!

— Brandale2221 (@Brandale Randolph)

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