This “Breaking Bad” Blue Meth Doughnut From New Mexico Is Perfect And Everything Is Wonderful

Albuquerque’s Rebel Donut has just the thing before Sunday’s finale.

1. Oh cool, a donut place in New Mexico. Sweet logo.

ID: 1710525

2. Here are their yummy-looking but not particularly remarkable… Oh heavens, what is that?

ID: 1710637

3. What.


ID: 1710644

4. It’s the Breaking Bad “Blue Sky” doughnut complete with little sugar meth crystals <3

ID: 1710686

5. Rebel Donut actually created the Breaking Bad-inspired donuts a while back, but people have been snapping them up with the show about to end on Sunday.

ID: 1710739

6. “Obviously we don’t call it the Blue Meth Donut,” owner Carrie Mettling said in a local interview.

ID: 1710764

7. Jesse loves them.

ID: 1710773

8. So does Hank.

ID: 1710785

9. Aaron Paul again because, seriously.

Tami Abts / Via
ID: 1710794

10. Mettling says there are pluses and minuses to making donuts based on a drug, but kids don’t know what it represents.

ID: 1710906

11. Needless to say, people love posting about these wonders.

ID: 1710926
ID: 1710945
ID: 1710952
ID: 1710956

15. This means that on Sunday, some lucky souls will have sweet blue sprinkles dribbling off their lips as inevitable tears stream down their faces.

ID: 1710974

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