The George Zimmerman Trial Got Even Weirder

There was an attorney straddling a foam doll. Also, the judge kept asking Zimmerman if he was going to testify and it got awkward.

1. Here’s assistant state attorney John Guy manhandling a foam dummy.

Pool photo by Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel /__username__

He used the prop to describe the altercation between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

2. Then he got on top of it.

Pool photo by Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel /__username__

3. Even defense attorney Mark O’Mara got in on the action.

Pool / Reuters
Pool / Reuters

5. And in an increasingly awkward exchange, Judge Debra Nelson questioned Zimmerman about his plans to testify.

Defense attorney Don West objected to the question three times, being overruled each time. Eventually, Nelson sternly admonished him with, “Your objection is overruled!”

Zimmerman said he needed more time before making his final decision later.

George Zimmerman tells Judge Debra Nelson that he will NOT testify in the case against him. #CNN #trayvonmartin

— CNNValencia (@Nick Valencia)

The defense rested its case on Wednesday and the prosecution will call two to three rebuttal witnesses.

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