Los Tigres Del Norte Perform At Massive Immigration Rally

Thousands hit the National Mall Tuesday to draw attention back to immigration reform.

1. Immigration advocacy organizations, undocumented immigrants, politicians and the iconic band Los Tigres Del Norte gathered in Washington to draw attention to the stalled fight for immigration reform.

2. Los Tigres del Norte, who have won five Latin Grammy Awards and sold 32 million records during their career, headlined Camino Americano, a “concert and march for dignity and justice.”


3. “They came ready for Los Tigres del Norte.”

4. The massive crowd in attendance.

Elianne Ramos

Los @TigresdelNorte sing about immigrants having heart "divided in two" - "a mis dos patrias las quiero" #CaminoAmericano #immigration

— SandraLilley (@Sandra Lilley)

10. Felix Sanchez, chairman of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts, said Latinos united during the 2012 election in the face of anti-immigrant rhetoric by the far right, but they also unite through positive messages.


11. In a Huffington Post piece before the rally, he said cultural messages in Los Tigres songs can provide a stronger, more compassionate and aspirational way to forge ahead in the country.

Listen to the songs of Los Tigres, like “Mis Dos Patrias,” which tells a story of a father in conflict over his identity and that of his American raised children, and leads to the harmonized message that two countries can fit in one heart. Or to “Mi Soldado,” another Los Tigres song about a family saying goodbye to their son who has joined the U.S. military, not knowing whether they will see him again and simultaneously proud of his service and pained by his commitment. Or “America,” a song about the unity among all Americans and the Americas that reminds us that we are all Americans, regardless of what part of America we come from. These cultural messages unite us through the inspirational images they present.

12. Undocumented immigrants and allies took part in Tuesday’s rally.

13. Organizers told BuzzFeed 20,000 people were in attendance over multiple immigration themed events.

A panoramic view of today's rally at the Capitol. Great turnout for #CIR. Let's keep it moving! #timeisnow

— NILC_org (@NILC)

The ppl at this rally left homes, kids, entire lives to build new ones here. And they won't stop until they get reform. #CaminoAmericano

— TUSK81 (@Gabe Ortíz)

This is heading your way, Speaker Boehner. You ready? #caminoamericano #timeisnow

— TUSK81 (@Gabe Ortíz)

People linking arms at #timeisnow #immigration rally. Looks like civil disobedience happening in #DC. http://t.co/NudQA47frj

— latinorebels (@Latino Rebels)

We keep marching until we get reform RT @pilitobar87: "Camino Americano" march on it's way! #timeisnow #immigration

— RI4A (@RI4A)

19. Eight Democratic members of Congress were arrested at the immigration protest.

Rep Gutierrez being loaded into a paddy wagon at the immigration protest

— dcbigjohn (@john r stanton)

“@votolatino: .@keithellison, @LuisGutierrez & @repjohnlewis at #CaminoAmericano. #11Million #CIR ”@MORENA_PC

— 2010Immigration (@Lorena Patino)

The Dam is about to burst in DC. #cir #timeisnow

— MinKwonCenter (@MinKwon Center)
Elianne Ramos

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