“Law And Order’ Did A Trayvon Martin Episode Where He’s Shot By A Paula Deen-Like TV Chef And The Internet Was Confused

The episode dove into the issues of race, profiling, fear, and self-defense, while throwing in stop-and-frisk for good measure.

1. An explosive Law and Order: SVU episode featured a young black teen being shot and killed by a celebrity chef after she mistook him for a rapist, echoing both the Trayvon Martin shooting and Paula Deen’s racially charged controversy.

9. The teen’s name is Mehcad and the episode highlighted issues from the shooting of Martin, like what was he doing in the neighborhood and his clothes. In the episode, a string of rapes was committed by a black male in a hoodie.

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11. The Joleene Castile character, played by Cybill Shepherd, touched on the controversy of Deen’s racist comments. In the episode she referred to employees as “field hands” and “the help,” adding that in the South she would get a medal for what she did.

12. In closing, her lawyer said if it was your daughter or your wife, you would want them to be able to defend themselves.

The prosecution said she was the victim’s judge, jury, and executioner. She got to go home to her brownstone, but he will never go home again.

13. Executive producer Warren Leight said the episode, titled “American Tragedy,” was an important story to tell.

“I know that this sounds a bit like a cheesy mash-up of these two things, but it really turns into a very good discussion about how we, the public, profile this woman, how the NYPD profiles people, and how everyone profiles other people, whether you think you do or not,” he said.

14. At the end of the episode she was found not guilty. “Fear won out,” one detective said. “It’s just how it is,” another said as it ended.

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