George Zimmerman Verdict Leads To A Whole Bunch Of Unfortunate “I’m Not Racist” Tweets

Don’t do that. posted on

Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times / MCT

I've said it before. I'm not racist, but the minute a black pulls the race card, my blood boils, and all hell breaks loose.

I'm not racist in the slightest, but from what I've seen, only one racial group is making this about race. #imjustsaying

Im not racist but I'm just wondering where the NAAWP? Why is the only a NAACP?

I'm not racist in the least bit, but if you feel as if America isn't "fair" because of your race, then stfu and leave. No matter the race.

And I'm not racist. I love white people, their friendly and can bake da fuck outta Brownies and shit, but this got me heated.

I'm throwing skittles at White people tommrow , I'm not racist but after this I will for that 1 day'

8. Others skipped the “I’m not racist” qualifier.

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