Dogs Watching The National Dog Show Is The Best Part Of Thanksgiving

Move over, parade and football. America loves dogs best.

7. But you know who else really loves watching the dog show? Dogs.

8. “Watching the #NationalDogShow with my Wonder Dog.”

9. “Rufus eagerly watching the Terrier group. Let’s go wire fox!!”

10. “I found the basset’s showing online and made Maverick watch.”

11. It just might be the best part of Thanksgiving.

12. Here’s a corgi watching a corgi.

13. “Corgi’s are supposedly very active…hmm.”

15. “Thanksgiving tradition.”

16. “Remington seemed interested in the vizsla then got up and walked towards the tv to watch the golden retriever.”

17. “Watching the dog show with Heidi. She was cheering on her fellow #gsd!”

18. But some dogs wish they were up for the title instead.

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